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I purchased a Pioneer KEH-2030 Radio/Cassette Player for my car. I had it professionally installed.

When I began to use it I noticed that the radio reception was terrible with static, "breakups", hissing, etc. The tape player proved to be even worse. After inserting a cassette it would begin to play & just in the middle of a song the cassette would "eject itself" & go back to the radio mode! I contacted Pioneer about it & they REFUSED to make good on it stating company "policies, "regulations", "rules," etc.

prohibiting them from giving me a replacement or refund. They claim that had I taken out an "extended warranty" from the beginning then they would have been able to do something. That's a CROCK!!! Even with an extended warranty a lousy dishonest company like Pioneer Electronics would have found loopholes & other fine print that would have absolved them of any responsibility.

So, I decided to make a sign telling others not to buy from them & attached it to my Chevy Van (see photo). Now, the entire world will know what a *** company Pioneer Electronics is!

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Cassette player? Maybe that is a sign you need to move on and purchase some CD's, or even a MP3 player...

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